Tipster is an easy to use tip calculator to make it easier to determine the proper tip at a restaurant and or bar. Not only do you have multiple ways to calculate the tip, but it also provides ways to spot abusive charges that may occur after the bill has been returned by having unique signture of the total amount, and ways to split the bill between the party.

Frequently Asked Questions


Tipster has a lot of features. Here are the top level ones:

  • Bill entery with faster keyboard
  • Sales Tax along with settings to determine if tax is included in the tip
  • Pre-defined and custom tip rates
  • Share bill with BBM friends
  • Multiple rounding methods:
    • Exact
    • Tip Up to user defined amount (e.g. 0.50)
    • Tip Down to user defined amount
    • Palidrome: Total will be reflective (e.g. 59.95)
    • Checksum: Cents will the sum of the whole (e.g. 59.14. 5+9=14)
    • Pairs: Cents repeats the whole (e.g. 59.59)
    • Total Up: Round total up to user defined amount
  • Bar tab:
    • Unique bill amount
    • Unique tip rate
  • Option to split the tab across the party
  • Easy choice to determine who ate, drank or both
  • Custom settings to determine most commonly used tip rates