Keep on Swimming FAQ

No matter how much documentation is provided, or how easy an application is, there tends to be consistent questions asked by users. We hope most of them can be answered here. If not, please contact us, so we can address your issue.

How do I create a new swim database?
Go to Settings and select (Add New) from the list. You will be prompt to enter a name for the new database and the application will then load the new (and empty) database.

If I create a new swim database, will I have to re-enter the swim standards?
No. Swim time standards are maintain seperately from the swim databases.

I am a coach and I need to see all my swimmers. Can I do this?
Yes. There are two main perspectives of the application. One of the individual swimmer and one of the meet. From the meet perspective, you can see each event for the meet and drill down to the swimmers in each event or all races for the meet.

Can I import standard times?
Yes, you can. Application can imnport a CSV file format with the following fields (no header row):
stroke (fr=free, bk=back, br=breast, med=medley, fly=fly)
course (lcm,scm,scy)
effort (i=individual,r=relay)
time (mm:ss:th)

Can I have access to a sample standard CSV file format?
You can export a downloaded or entered standard to see a sample of the file format. Most fields are flexible.

There are a lot of downloadable time standards. How can we get XYZ added to the list?
Send us a support request with the URL of the standard time matrix and we will add it to our list to get updated. Sometimes in can be done within a few days. We will Tweet when an update is available.

There is an error in one of the downloaded time standards. How can we fix that?
You have the ability to edit a time in a standards once it has been downloaded. However, please let us know the error and a source to verify the correction so others do not have to deal with the same error. Once an update is in place, you will be able to refresh your downloaded time standard.

Does the app allow for a meet to be imported from XYZ swim meet management application.
There are a couple of widely used swim meet software systems. It is on our list to allow for that information to be imported into this app.