Magellan Compass FAQ

No matter how much documentation is provided, or how easy an application is, there tends to be consistent questions asked by users. We hope most of them can be answered here. If not, please contact us, so we can address your issue.

I lost/stopped/never received a GPS update within the app. What is wrong?
This typically occurs on the PlayBook device. If the device is inside for a long period of time, it will lose its association with nearby GPS satellites. You need to restart the device, outside, under a clear sky and wait about 5 or more minutes so the device can obtain the needed information from the surrounding GPS satellites.

I received a warning that the app cannot access the shared, documents directory. What should I do?
Either at installation or since the application has been installed, the permission to allow the app to access the shared documents directory has been disabled. Under the DEVICE settings, under Security / Application Permissions, please allow the app to access the shared directory.

How come there is no KMZ file support?
A KMZ file is a KML file compressed in a ZIP file. Unzip the file, and then you will be able to access the KML file that was inside.

How come the turn-by-turn instructions does not come in language ABC?
Creating turn-by-turn voices can take some time to create. If a user can speak in the request language, we can supply the needed phrases as long as they have the ability to record high quality voice recordings and save them to a MP3 format.

When I try to get directions, I get an error that it was unable to. What might be wrong?
Routing is based on Open Street Map data that is maintained by general people from around the world. There is a good chance that some road information is missing or is incorrect between the start and end point of your route. Even a road that is defined 'one-way' may make it impossible for the router to determine proper directions. You can update the information yourself by creating an Open Street Map account and edit/check the road information. MapQuest provides a good tutorial here. It typically takes about 24-48 hours for the the updated information to be available to the router.

When routing, it does not return anything when I am not connected to the Internet.
Route directions are determined by MapQuest on their servers. You need to have an Internet connection to obtain the needed information. You can store an already generated route to the device and open it at a later time, but any routing or re-routing requires an Internet connection.

Where do the KML files get placed to import?
Documents directory