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January 28, 2013

Magellan Compass 4.2 for PlayBook Released

Magellan Compass4.2 version of the PlayBook of Magellan Compass has been released to BlackBerry World (aka App World).  It will probably be a few days before users have the opportunity to download this update since this week is a busy week for RIM.  But once it is available, users will now have:

  • Ability to save which layers are initially started when the app starts.
  • Measure layer that allows the user to pick points on the map and obtain distance and bearing to each point along the polyline.
  • Map scale layer shows a scale on top of the map.
  • Enhanced KML features to manage more KML files.
  • GPS Zoom layer that will dynamically adjust the map level based on the speed of the GPS sensor.  So at slower speeds, the map is zoomed in, and higher speeds, the map zooms out.
  • Enhance German translation.

Update to BB10 will either occur later this week or in two weeks based on information and updates we receive from RIM in the next few days.

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