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January 16, 2013

Magellan Compass Rejected for Built for BlackBerry

Magellan CompassMagellan Compass for BB10 was rejected for the “Built for BlackBerry” (BFB) certification.  This was a blow to us, since the app was designed specifically for BlackBerry and incorporated all the tool kits, guidelines, icons and services that was possible for BB10 and the development environment for both PlayBook and BB10.  The certificate program is to highlight quality apps and will provide increase exposure for the app.  This exposure would of course allow us continue development of the app with a long list of planned enhancements. BFB apps are to be of high quality in which we believe Magellan Compass would easily pass.  We now know that BFB bar is very high and we look forward to see all the amazing apps that do get certified under this criteria.

We failed because the app was insufficient in the areas of communication (sharing content), productivity and entertainment value. We obviously disagree with RIMs decision in this area and have asked for additional clarification.  We don’t expect to hear from them in the short time and we want to get some plans in place once we receive more detail. We are looking to our user community to suggest what might be added to the app that would raise it to the BFB bar.

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