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December 21, 2012

Magellan Compass for BB10 Released

Magellan CompassA long road to get here.  BB10 version of Magellan Compass 4.0 has been released to App World.  It has tons of new features from the 3.x version of Magellan Compass for the PlayBook, and there are even unique features from the 4.0 PlayBook version.  We hope it will get approved soon for BB10 Dev Alpha users.  We hope those users will provide some feed back prior to the final release in January.

v4 for BB10 has all the great features of v4 for PlayBook, but also includes:

  • Total different User Interface special for BB10 devices
  • Foursquare integration for places
  • BBM sharing of address, places, events and current location
  • Event discovery via Eventful and Eventbrite
  • Updated social links to keep track of o2 interactive
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