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Magellan Compass Updated

Magellan CompassMagellan Compass has been updated to include some additional features for the KML import functionality.  The update include the professional version as well as the trial version. If you do come across a KML file that does not import 100%, please contact us (along with the file), so we can make any needed adjustments.


Bike Rental 1.2 Released

logo72Version 1.2 of Bike Rental (Worldwide bike rental monitor app) has been released to BlackBerry for review.  This release allows users to search stations within a network.


BBM Channels

If you are a beta tester to BBM Channels, we have created two channels for you to join.  Right now, you can only search by Channel ID, so here you go:

o2 interactive : C0001E297

Magellan Compass: C00012EFA


Magellan Compass Q10 version released

Magellan CompassWe recently updated Magellan Compass to fit on the Q10 devices.  So a new version should be available to download shortly for both devices.  We appreciate the continued support of our users.  Please provide positive reviews to help with the product placement of the app in BlackBerry World.


PlayBook download button missing

If you have purchased an app on the PlayBook and then on the BB10, you will probably notice that on an upgrade, you can no longer download the app on the PlayBook.  This is known by BlackBerry, but they need people to report it so the fix can be moved out faster.  Please report your issue at:


New Voices for Magellan Compass

Magellan CompassPlease welcome Antonio and Alessandra voices to Magellan Compass.  Both voices are Italian.  Antonio is free to download and Alessandra is just $0.99 US.  Just go under the application’s settings, then Voices.  Press “Update” to get the current list of voices.  Antonio and Alessandra are near the bottom of the list.


App Wont Run

We have received several email support questions that their app does not launch anymore.  This is a known problem with the operating system and BlackBerry has resolved it in a new Os update.  However, it seems that everyone is waiting for each carrier to release it to the devices.  There is nothing we can do on our end, and it appears that BlackBerry cannot do much either.  We suggest to contact your carrier to find out when the next OS will be made available.


Magellan Compass 4.3.1 Released

Minor update to Magellan Compass has been released to BlackBerry World.  It allows for greater invocation from other apps and a fix to allow tracks to continue to be recorded when another map tab is selected.  It should be available to download in a few days.


New Appp Released : Bike Rental

logo72We are pleased to confirm that Bike Rental has been released for Z10 devices to BlackBerry World.  It should be available for download in about a week.  Bike Rental is a worldwide bike rental monitor application for the many cities that provided automated bike rentals for tourists and local travelers.  Bike Rental allows the user to quickly locate bike rental stations, receive notification when their favorite station has a change in availability, quickly map stations, and share that information with others via BBM, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  And because Bike Rental utilizes Magellan Compass map foundation, the user has a choice of map providers (e.g. Google, Bing, MapQuest, ArchView, OSM, MapBox, etc.) and map data can be stored on the device for off-line use.

See full details at


Magellan Compass 4.3 for the PlayBook Released

Magellan CompassThe PlayBook version 4.3 of Magellan Compass has been released to BlackBerry World.  It should be available to user within a couple of days.  This version includes:

  • Map data layout change.  As mentioned in the BB10 version release, the layout of map data has changed and requires the user to delete the app and re-install it to properly flush out any existing map data stored with the current app.  We know this is not great news for user’s with lots of map data, but the previous method made map access slow when user’s started to save around a GB of map data.  We hope this is the last time this needs to happen.
  • New aviation map provider.  Map types include Hybrid VFR, Sectional, WAC, Low IFR and High IFR.  Only US region mostly.
  • Navigation instructions more dynamic to maximize layout.
  • Navigation road sign placement fixed.
  • Navigation total time fixed.
  • New settings to allow user to choose action on route change.
  • New Spanish turn-by-turn voice (one free, one in-app purchase)
  • Initial layer selection fixed.
  • New ArcGIS topographic (terrain) map added.
  • Enhanced KML import.