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Talk Clock 2 for PlayBook Nearing

Talk Clock IconVersion 2 of Talk Clock is nearing completion for the PlayBook.  Enhancement will include: a new layout, talking RSS feeds, more voices, weather feeds from anywhere in the world (not just US, Canada, and UK).



Magellan Compass 4.1 for the PlayBook released

Magellan CompassVersion 4.1 of Magellan Compass has been released to App World for review.  This release is for the PlayBook and people can expect the BB10 version to be released in a few days.  This release includes:

  • Addition of USGS maps
  • Addition of Nokia maps
  • Minor fixes to KML import

We are working on finishing up 4.x for BB10 since RIM has some deadlines approaching fast.  Lots of exciting things happening for BlackBerry in the next few weeks!


USGS Map Received a request today to add USGS maps to Magellan Compass.  It was a Saturday and the 1000 of other things that need to be done before the BB10 release was just going to have to wait.  No, really.  It was easy to add.  Will be available for the next BB10 and PlayBook releases.


Magellan Compass v4 Black Screen

We received that some are getting a black screen when they launch v4 on the PlayBook.  Deleting the app and re-installing the app seems to resolve the issue.  We will look into this further so it does not occur in future releases.


Magellan Compass 4 for PlayBook

Magellan CompassThere was a little confusion with RIM on the versions we submitted for Magellan Compass v4 for BB10 and PlayBook.  The BB10 version was approved and the PlayBook version was not.  Things were sorted out and we have been told that the PlayBook version was approved.  So user’s should be seeing it shortly.


Where’s Magellan Compass 4.0?

Magellan CompassWe uploaded Magellan Compass to App World a week or so ago.  “Typically”, it only takes 1-2 days for an update to get approved.  However, RIM ran some developer promotions in the last week and they are dealing with about 6,000 new apps to review.  So Magellan Compass is in the queue and “Under Review”, so it may take a little longer then we hoped for.


PlayBook Update and In-App Purchases

Version for the PlayBook was released today.  We’ve been told that this resolves the in-app purchase errors that people have received since the last PlayBook update.  So, if you’ve been waiting to purchase a voice, you can do so now after you have updated your PlayBook.


New Icon for Magellan Compass

Magellan CompassIf you have not noticed, we slightly changed the icon for Magellan Compass.  It is slight, but we wanted to give the notion the location is a vital part of the application.  Magellan Compass is not just a mapping application, it is about what is around you that is just as important as where it is on a map.  You will continue to see location based information being added to the application.


Magellan Compass 4.0 for PlayBook Released

Magellan CompassVersion 4.0 of Magellan Compass has been released for the PlayBook.  A lot has changed to this version, so when it has been approved by BlackBerry, you will get in this release:

All new map providers: The map provider interface has been completely redone.  We had to break backwards compatibility in how map tiles are stored on the device, so previous map data will not be accessible with this release.  It is best to clear the map cache so that the old tiles just don’t sit around.  Map providers now include:

  • Map Quest (existing)
  • Open Street Maps (existing)
  • Google Maps (only map provider that is not allowed to be cached to the device because of licensing)
  • Bing Maps
  • MapBox (2 standard styles available, plus you can create your own from
  • Stamen map series (kind of cool)
  • Open Cycle
  • Open Transport
  • Open Landscape
  • U.S. Aviation Sectional (not at lower map levels)

New places provider: Version 4 now includes Yelp, MapQuest and CitySearch.  Search changed to be able to obtain low density areas better.

Improved Map Caching: As mentioned above, how data is stored changed, but not only can you cache a lot more map providers, but those map providers that provide satellite and hybrid maps can be cached as well.

Route map tiles: Much improved performance in obtaining map tiles along a route.

Long Press: The map can be pressed for about a minute to show a context menu.  The menu allows the user to navigage easier, show POIs, etc.

New Layers: New map layers have been added and existing one enhanced.

  • Weather points (display worldwide weather icons and temperature on map)
  • Display GPS Tracks
  • KML import

More Import and Export: User can now import and export POI date from GPX  files.

All the above features and more will be in the BlackBerry 10 version as well.