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4.6.1 Released for Magellan Compass

Magellan CompassA fix to the MapQuest routing server configuration change has been uploaded to BlackBerry World.  It should be available to users in a couple of days.  The 4.6.1 release also includes support to the BB10 Z30 devices.


Magellan Compass Routing

Magellan CompassA configuration change to the MapQuest router has changed and we were not notified.  We are patching the software and will have an update very (very) soon.


Magellan Compass for PlayBook released

Magellan CompassVersion 4.5.1 of Magellan Compass has been released for the PlayBook tablet.  It includes recent updates found for BB10 devices (e.g. KML import improvements) and the elimination of the re-install nag screen that is not applicable any more.


PlayBook download button missing

If you have purchased an app on the PlayBook and then on the BB10, you will probably notice that on an upgrade, you can no longer download the app on the PlayBook.  This is known by BlackBerry, but they need people to report it so the fix can be moved out faster.  Please report your issue at:


New Voices for Magellan Compass

Magellan CompassPlease welcome Antonio and Alessandra voices to Magellan Compass.  Both voices are Italian.  Antonio is free to download and Alessandra is just $0.99 US.  Just go under the application’s settings, then Voices.  Press “Update” to get the current list of voices.  Antonio and Alessandra are near the bottom of the list.


Magellan Compass 4.3 for the PlayBook Released

Magellan CompassThe PlayBook version 4.3 of Magellan Compass has been released to BlackBerry World.  It should be available to user within a couple of days.  This version includes:

  • Map data layout change.  As mentioned in the BB10 version release, the layout of map data has changed and requires the user to delete the app and re-install it to properly flush out any existing map data stored with the current app.  We know this is not great news for user’s with lots of map data, but the previous method made map access slow when user’s started to save around a GB of map data.  We hope this is the last time this needs to happen.
  • New aviation map provider.  Map types include Hybrid VFR, Sectional, WAC, Low IFR and High IFR.  Only US region mostly.
  • Navigation instructions more dynamic to maximize layout.
  • Navigation road sign placement fixed.
  • Navigation total time fixed.
  • New settings to allow user to choose action on route change.
  • New Spanish turn-by-turn voice (one free, one in-app purchase)
  • Initial layer selection fixed.
  • New ArcGIS topographic (terrain) map added.
  • Enhanced KML import.

GPS marker not showing in 4.2 PlayBook version

Magellan CompassIt looks like the “My Location” layer is not being initially selected in the 4.2 version of Magellan Compass (PlayBook).  4.2 allows the user to save which layers are initially selected at the start of the application.  It was suppose to have this layer (as well as some other default ones), when the app is first launch, but it appears this slipped by in testing.  We will resolve it for the next release and you can set the initial layers (including “My Location”) under Preferences / Layers.


Magellan Compass 4.2 for PlayBook

Some users have reported issue’s downloading Magellan Compass 4.2 for the PlayBook.  We’ve been told by BlackBerry that this has been resolved.  If you are still experiencing the issue, please “Refresh” you “My World” list and try again.  If you still have an issue, please contact us via the normal support channels.


US Sectional Maps

It appears that the provider of the US Sectional Aviation map data has discontinued to provide that service.  We are making an effort to reach out, but there is limited information about them.  We will attempt to provide an alternative data source and update the software as soon as we are able to secure a reliable source.


Talk Clock 2 Released for PlayBook

Talk Clock IconVersion 2 of Talk Clock has finally been released.  BB10 development placed this app on hold for way too long, so we’re very happy to make it available to PlayBook users.  This release has a lot of requested features including:

  • Choices of voices including those in different languages. Including: English, British English, Australian English, Spanish, Italian, French, French Canadian, Turkish, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Korean, Arabic, Hungarian, Finnish, Czech, Japanese, and Danish (plus a few variations).
  • RSS feeds displayed along the bottom.  RSS feeds can be spoken and is really nice to hear the news instead of reading the news
  • Weather can now be displayed from any location. Simply enter an address (city, state, postal code, etc) and it will do a search to locate that information and display the weather for multiple days.